What To Bring To A Pool Party As A Guest?

Pool Party

The sun is shining and the temperature is just perfect for a pool party! However, before you head out, just make sure you’ve everything prepared for an unforgettable and playful day. To save you the trouble, we’ve gathered every item that you should bring to a pool party as a guest here.

Extra Clothes

Toddler girl playing at the pool

A pool party is, without a doubt, the ultimate activity for a super fun time in summer. However, the chance is that you and your kids’ clothes will probably get splashed or wet before you can even change into a swimsuit. That’s why you should bring some extra clothes for everyone in case things get soggy. So, don’t forget to check out these cute summer shorts for toddlers to dress your daughter in style and comfort for the upcoming pool party.

All Kinds of Towels

Towels for pool parties

Yes, many guests bring their own towels to pool parties. But, just make sure you have at least one extra just in case. Besides helping you dry your hair, a towel can make any beach chair become more comfortable. Also, spreading a large beach towel is a great way to get everyone around and have some good old-fashioned chit-chat on the side of the pool. Finally, if it’s an unbearably hot day, grabbing some cooling towels isn’t a bad idea.

Fun Floats

Fun floats for a pool party

If you’re expecting some binge time at the pool, then a pool float is what you cannot miss. From the classic flamingo to cute floats in donut or pizza shapes, just pick one that “floats your boat”. They are not only great for photos but also super comfy for lounging while chatting with friends or sunbathing. Additionally, you can maximize relaxation by bringing inflatable holders that keep your favorite beverages close by all the time too!


people wearing sunglasses at pool party

Sunglasses not only make you look cooler in party photos but also protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays, which could lead to some annoying issues that might ruin your pool party experience. Besides that, they will give you a more comfortable vision, so you don’t have to squint when chilling on the bench.

Snacks and Drinks

Snacks And Drinks

There is always room for more snacks at a pool party! You can bring something that everyone can enjoy like frozen fruit pops, or chips & dip. Also, if there is a BBQ, then grilled foods like sliders or veggie skewers are pool party food favorites and easy to prep. Don’t forget to let everyone know what you’re going to bring to diverse the menu and avoid having too many leftovers.

Pool Party Games

playing water guns at pool party

Want to give everyone a pool party they’ll never forget this summer? Games and activities are the best way to liven up any party. Best of all, guests of all ages can get into the action too. From water balloons to squirt guns, let your inner child out for the day, get your hair wet and have fun! And, if everyone wants to take a break from the water, some board games or lawn games like cornhole are still super fun to play at a pool party. Just make sure you give the host a heads up about what you’re gonna bring.

Speakers and A Playlist

Speakers for pool parties

What’s a pool party without a playlist? So, if you have a waterproof, floating model that allows you to take your tunes into the pool, just bring it with you because you will use it eventually. Besides, having a few speakers in different areas around the pool for surround sound isn’t a bad idea. This way, whether you are grabbing food, playing games, or going for a swim, you are always surrounded by the music. On top of that, a playlist with the power to set the tone of the party is also necessary. 

Umbrellas or Canopies

Umbrellas and Canopies for pool parties

Even though you might have fun in the sun, a shady space is always needed for those who like to chill out or sunbathe. While umbrellas are great for smaller spaces or in the center of a dining table, canopies are a great option if you want more shade for more people, especially kids. If it’s also a windy day, don’t forget to add some weight bags for safety. In addition, keeping your cooler and drinks under shade also helps prevent them from melting faster.


Floating coolers for pool parties

Like everybody, you will probably want an ice-cold beverage in your hand all the time on a hot summer day. That’s why bringing a cooler is important, especially when there are a few around the pool, so everyone can get their drink more conveniently. Also, there are some coolers that actually float in the water so you can grab a drink without having to leave the water.


Family playing at pool party

Summer has arrived and it’s time to start bringing out your favorite swimsuits! They shouldn’t make you feel insecure but great about your body. And, of course, you really can’t enjoy the fun of a pool party without diving in the pool. So, choose a swimsuit that would be the best for Instagram-worthy photos.

Wet Bag

Well, having a bag on hand to place your essentials or wet clothes into is always great. Go for plastic bags that are not only waterproof but also secure enough to avoid leaking. It will also come in handy if you don’t want everything in your bag or car to be a sopping mess by the time you get home.


Sunscreen for pool parties

Everyone should use sunscreen on a hot summer day at the pool. So, just make sure it’s always ready in your bag. For pool parties, water-resistant sunscreen is the best option. On top of that, you should also check the sunscreen SPF (at least 30 SPF) to ensure that your skin is totally protected from UV rays.

Planning ahead can take your pool party to the next level! Combine all the items on our list for the ultimate pool party this summer. And last, but certainly not least, enjoy!

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