Setting Up a Home office for a Work at Home Mom

Home office

Being a work at home mom has it’s huge advantages as you can spend some much needed time with your child however it can be quite challenging as well. We have collected some tips on how to set up an efficient home office for a work at home mom. 

Where to Set Up Your Home Office

Before setting up your office, identify how much space you need. Look at how much equipment you have and what you will need. If you are a new mom,you need to take into account that you may need to look after the baby while you are working and you will need sufficient space for that as well.

Try to find a spot in your house where there are not too many distractions. You will also want to find somewhere with lots of natural light. This will help you feel better and be more productive. If you don’t have a spot like this in your house invest in some lightbulbs that are close to natural light.


The first thing we think about is choosing a nice big surface with lots of space, but this may not be suitable for your chosen location. If the room you have chosen is multipurpose, such as a guest room, then you don’t want to take up too much room, so being strategic with how you use the area is important.

When thinking about the type of desk you want, you have to remember that it needs to be child-proof. Try to find a desk that has lockable drawers, or no draws at all. Look for a desk that has built-in shelves so that you can keep documents and other items a little higher and out of reach. Another solution to this is to get a wall-mounted desk. This ensures there are no drawers to rummage through and it is also a great space saver.

Home office
Make your home office a place that you want to be in


Whether you’re prenatal or postnatal, choosing the right chair is vital. Having the right chair is probably the most important when setting up a home office. People who work from home have a tendency to work longer hours and it’s important to choose a chair that’s not only comfortable but functional as well. You have to make sure that your chair has good lumbar support. If you are prenatal this can help relieve your back pain, but it is always good to make sure your body is well supported to reduce the risk of injury.

Make sure that the chair is fully adjustable this will allow you to make changes according to your body shape and height. Your feet should be able to sit flat on the floor. You should also choose a chair that has a breathable fabric back to keep you cool whilst seated. Leather seating can look pleasant however it can get stuffy during the hotter seasons. 

Strategic Storage Space

A good way to create more storage space without taking up floor space is to install wall mounted shelves. These can be very practical, especially when there are kids around as it keeps everything out of reach. These shelves can be installed above the desk to keep stuff in a reachable distance. 

Keeping Organised

No matter how big your home office is, it is important to keep organized. If you keep your office tidy it will be easier to keep your mind on work and stay motivated. Being a work at home mom, you will have to juggle being a mother with work. It may be easy to forget stuff, so here is where getting a whiteboard or cork board would come in handy. This will give you a chance to keep a to-do list that you can’t misplace.

If you don’t have the luxury of having a spacious home office and big desk then the last thing you want is for your desk to be cluttered with post-it notes and pieces of paper, so getting somewhere you can stick notes and keep a list will allow you to keep your desk free from clutter. Placing this in front of your desk will mean you always have your to-do list right in front of you. Also, try to keep your desk space tidy and only have the bare essentials at hand. The same goes for all those cables. Make sure you secure your phone or laptop charger to your table to avoid having to rummage behind the desk for wires. 

Make Your Home Office Yours

Last but definitely not least, make your office yours. Make it a place where you want to spend time. If you have a full-time job, it’s more than likely you will spend most of your day here so make sure it’s comfortable and also pleasing to your eyes.

Think about what makes you smile, what makes you happy and what makes you relax. Add some family photos or your child’s artwork on your walls. Get some plants or your favorite scented candle to keep you relaxed whilst working.

Child Proofing

Now you’re all set, it’s time to make the space safe for your baby! The first thing to do is to ensure all small, sharp objects are out of reach. This can be done by placing them on your new wall-mounted shelf or in a locked draw in your desk. You will also want to make sure any sharp corners of your desk are covered to ensure there isn’t anything that your child could run into.

If you have a newborn baby it’s good to bring their bed somewhere you can keep an eye on them while working and have a nursing station set up near your home office. Keep everything you need for nursing stocked here at all times. 

Being a working mother can be incredibly challenging so it’s important to set up a home office that’s comfortable for you and for your baby as well. Send us some pictures of your home office! How did you child-proof your office? Let us know in the comments!

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