Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor Review 2020

Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor Review

Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor is an innovative baby monitor, which offers many features. It has soft and soothing lullabies; multi-color, dim and calm light; accurate motion, and sound detection. Moreover, the camera itself is a full HD (1080p) camera with a 4.3-inches color display. It can be connected via a Wi-Fi camera and is also compatible with many remote viewing apps on IOS/Android store. The price for this product is $299.99/. And we will do a detailed Motorola Halo+ Baby Monitor Review and see whether it’s worth the price or not.


The camera of Halo+ can capture video at 1080p and can provide a black-white night vision up to 30 feet. It has both microphone and speaker for two-way audio, a 2.4 GHz WI-FI radio, and sound/motion detection.

You can set it on a flat surface (desktop mode), or attach it to the crib to have a birds-eye view (dock mode). It can achieve a spaceship look with the dock mode, which will be really cool for your kids. The Halo name comes from that idea as well.

The device can also project an image onto the ceiling with the general idea that it would entertain the baby. The Halo ring around the camera serves as an upward-facing night light with 3 levels of intensity. Moreover, the ring has many colors that can be controlled through the paired unit or through the app.

The mount is easy to install, it consists of a floor stand and a top pole for the camera. You should attach the crib mount on the rear for the full top-down view of the common baby ladder crib.

Another amazing feature of Halo+ is the monitor. You can use it as a connected or non-connected option. It is handy when you need to go out and have a babysitter or your family looking after your baby. You can check out your baby from a faraway through the app or the monitor. The battery life can last up to 5 hours of continuous, and even longer if you only use it for the audio. It also has a pop-out stand on the rear that similar to one on Nintendo Switch. The monitor has many features to adjust: light, push to talk, color, brightness, zoom and the ability to add multiple cameras.

The micro is sensitive that you can hear basically anything happened in the room, even a little wimp or cry can make you awake. Through the Hubble app, you can get an HD view of the crib and you can also enable sound and motion alert. In addition, there are many lullabies available for you to download through the Hubble app.


For some cribs like one with a back, the mounted camera for a birds-eye view can get in the way sometimes when parents taking the baby in and out. The screen of the monitor is a little small compared to the standard definition (4.3 inches).

The Hubble app contains a lot of ads that sometimes is really annoying. A banner popup a lot for you upgrading to premium plant for additional features, like smart zone and longer video history.

Overall, it is a good and versatile product with a few places for improvement. It can do a lot of things, however, the quality is not better than other monitors.

Let us know in the comment below what your opinion on this product is and what you recommend for other parents as well.

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