Leaving the House with a Newborn | Tips

Leaving the house with a newborn
Leaving the house with a newborn

Leaving the house with a newborn can seem like an Olympic sport at times. Even a short trip to the supermarket can become a mammoth task if you don’t prepare for it.  Let’s take a look at some handy tips for preparing to leave the house with a newborn. 

Prepare, prepare, and prepare some more!

Start Small

Don’t make your first outing with your baby an eight-hour shopping spree. Plan your first few trips out of the house to be short and simple. Taking a baby to a new environment can be very overwhelming for them, lots of new sounds and smells, especially busier places such as shopping malls. Try to stay closer to home in case it doesn’t go quite to plan. 

Diaper Bag

Get this ready the night before. Making sure you have everything packed in the diaper bag will give you one less thing to worry about the next day when leaving the house. This is especially important if you have to leave early in the morning the next day. The last thing you want to be doing ten minutes before you have to leave is running around to find the spare pacifier.  Also, remember to pack extra. Even if it’s just a short trip, you don’t want to pack only one diaper just for them to pee on this as you’re changing them.  

Pack the Car

The number of time people spends in their cars these days, its basically a second home. So why not stock it up to be a mini-traveling version of your home. Keeping some of the essentials in the car will mean there will be less time running in and out of the house if you forget something. Keeping spares in the car is basically essential. Especially clothing, for both you and the baby. These will come in handy if they bring up their milk on your shirt whilst your out. Of course, being careful not to leave anything too valuable in the car.  

Give yourself Time

Even if the diaper bag is prepared ahead of time, there are a lot of other things that can go wrong and slow you down, it’s usually when you’re about to leave the house when your baby decides to spit up their milk. (Bonus tip: Wear a bathrobe on top of your outfit until you’re just about to leave, then if they do decide to be sick, you’re outfit isn’t ruined.) Get into the habit of giving yourself an extra 20 minutes to get ready. 

Keep a Routine

Having a routine before leaving the house with a newborn will make things a little easier. You will start to realize how long you really need to get ready, what you do and don’t need to prepare.

Leave at the Right Time

Timing when you feed and change the baby when leaving the house will be crucial. Trust me, there is no better feeling than knowing they are leaving with a fresh nappy and full tummy. 

They will Cry

Walking around with a crying baby can be very stressful, but this is inevitable. It may come as a surprise, but most people don’t actually take notice if your baby is crying. People hear it everywhere and eventually, it becomes part of the background noise. So if they start crying, just take a moment to calm them and carry on with your trip.

Take Advice… With a Pinch of Salt 

You will quickly find out that everyone is a baby expert when they find out you have a newborn. Remember everyone is going to offer advice and criticize how you are raising your baby. Some advice will come in handy, especially if you have close friends who have had their own children. Always take any advice with a pinch of salt as every baby is different and everyone has their own style of raising the child.  

Don’t Forget About Yourself

It’s all good making sure you have everything for leaving the house with a newborn. Don’t forget about yourself, this could be a tiring time. Packing some snacks for yourself can make a huge difference if you are starting to feel exhausted. Especially if your breastfeeding, your blood sugar levels can drop so this snack could make a huge difference to how you’re feeling. 

Pack your Breast Pads

You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of the mall with wet patches. Its always good to have a few extra pads tucked away in the diaper bag. 

Learn to use the Stroller

This may seem simple. But you would be surprised how often people get caught out when trying to fold up the stroller to get it in the car. Some strollers are a lot trickier than others, so before leaving make sure you have had some practice and know where all the buttons and knobs are. 

Ask a Friend

The first few times you leave, grab your best friend, and take them along. Not only will this give you an extra pair of hands, but it will also give you that extra boost of confidence knowing you have help if something goes wrong. 

Call Ahead

Finding out what facilities are available wherever you’re going can help you decide what you need to pack and what can be left at home. It will also give you time to prepare for any not-so-ideal situations. 


Probably the last thing you want to think about after getting home. But this is going to be the best time as you will remember what was used and what needs re-stocking Also adding in anything you realized wasn’t packed and would have come in handy. 

Just go, Even if it’s Not Perfect

Finally, your first time at anything isn’t going to be perfect and this is no exception. Sometimes you just have to think to yourself, something is bound to go wrong. Don’t overthink the situation. Be confident and don’t forget to have fun! 

We really hope these tips will make leaving the house with a newborn seem less like a chore. If you know anything else that can help make this stressful time any easier, please feel free to leave a comment. 

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