How To Reuse Old Kids Winter Sweaters

It’s a fact that young children grow at an incredible rate and your little ones will go through their clothes quickly. You may buy your little one something adorable, but the piece will only last a short period of time before it no longer fits. Most of the time, your kiddos become too big for an item while it is still in great condition. Some items are acceptable to replace, but things like old sweaters can still have fantastic usage. 

There are many ways to give your kids’ old winter sweaters a second life, and we are here to provide you with some simple DIY ideas.  Ensure that your child has already got new sweaters before redesigning the old ones. If they haven’t any yet, simply visit BabyOutlet and grab high-quality and affordable winter sweaters for your kids.

Now without further ado, let’s move on to our guide on how to reuse your kids’ old sweaters!

A Quick Tip For You

If your little one’s sweaters are made from wool, you need to feel them before modifying them. To do so, use the hottest washing and highest heat settings to wash and dry your child’s old sweater. This should make the fabrics become soft and fused. To see if it’s wholly felted, look at the weaving of the cloth. Repeat this process a few times until you get the desired result.

Cute kids sweater

Make Your Kids’ Sweater To Cute Beanies

A cute beanie is excellent to protect your child’s head from the icy weather while keeping them stylish as well. You can easily turn the old sweaters into a cool beanie with the following steps.

  • Place the old sweater on a flat surface.
  • Use your little one’s existing beanie as the pattern, place it on top of the bottom part of the sweater.
  • Trace the template with chalk.
  • Cut along the chalk line.
  • Turn the piece inside-out.
  • Sew the two faces together using zigzag stitches
  • Stitch across the top to give the beanie a dome shape
  • Now turn it to the right side, and voila!
Little child wearing a brown beanie

Turn The Old Sweaters Into Mittens

Apart from the head, it’s important to protect your kiddos’ hands and feet as well. In this case, why don’t you turn their old sweaters into some cozy and toasty mitten? Here is a simple guide to help you.

  • Use a well-fitted mitten in your child’s closet as your pattern.
  • Put the mitten on the old sweater and trace around it, leaving some allowances on the sides and bottom for seams and cuffs.
  • Cut along the tracks to get the mitten pattern.
  • Pin the pattern to the front side of the sweater. 
  • Line up the bottom edge of your design with the bottom edge of the sweater sleeves to get a neatly completed cuff.
  • Now cut the sweater following your mitten pattern.
  • As you are cutting through both sides of the sweater, you will get two mitten-shaped pieces of fabric.
  • Flip the pattern and cut another mitten similarly to how you got the first one
  • Turn the mittens inside out and pin them together tightly.
  • Stitch around the edge of both mittens,
  • Flip the material right-side-out, and your little mittens are ready to wear!

What About Some Cute Leggings?

Cute kid's sweater leggings in pink

Leggings are perfect as an inner layer for your kiddos’ outfit on icy days. They work for both boys and girls as well. Here are the simple steps to turn your child’s old sweaters into some cute leggings:

  • Pick an existing pair of leggings that fit your little one well as a pattern and fold them horizontally in half.
  • Place it on the old sweater, matching their hems.
  • Cut around the leggings pattern but leave some allowances for sewing
  • Flip the pattern over and cut a mirror image on the other side of the sweater. This will result in 4 separate pieces 
  • Angle the two back pieces toward the center seam
  • Trim the top of the two front pieces so they angle down to the middle seam
  • Lay a front piece on top of a back piece, ensure that the right sides are together.
  • Sew the outside of the leg and the inside of the leg together.
  • Repeat for the other leg.
  • Place one leg into the other, which is still inside out, and turn it the right way out.
  • Sew the curving seam that goes beneath the crotch together. Because this seam will be the most stressed, you may choose to strengthen it by sewing it twice.
  • Cut a piece of elastic slightly shorter than your child’s waist measurement. 
  • Make a circle out of the elastic by sewing the short ends together.
  • Slip the elastic over the top of the leggings and turn them right side out.
  • Using a zigzag stitch, sew the elastic to the leggings.
  • The elastic should now be on the inside of the leggings.
  • To keep it in place, tack it down along the front, back, and side seams.

And there you go, now you have cute leggings for your little one with an elastic waistband.

Pillow Covers For A Cuddly Couch

White knit sweater pillow cover

Cozy pillow covers will add a tremendous amount of attraction to your family’s couch, and they will make your movie marathon night even more comfortable and fun.

  • Wash and dry your child’s sweater.
  • Turn the sweater inside out.
  • Place your pillow onto your sweater.
  • Line up one edge of the base with a side of the sweater.  
  • Measure the pillow and mark surround it. Make sure to reserve a small margin to sew. 
  • Cut along the marked line to get the cover.
  • Sew the two pieces together but leave a space to slip the pillow in.
  • Cut the excess fabrics and turn them right side out.
  • Slip the pillow form in
  • Use velcro, zipper, button, or stitches to close the opening.

Make a Cozy Headband

You can simply make a headband out of an old sweater with a design that your child likes by cutting a piece from it and sewing it together. Keep your kiddo’s hair in place with a smaller version, or make it bigger to keep their head warm in the cold weather.

Cute girl with white sweater headband
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