How to Dress Out Your Kids During Winter

How to Dress Out Your Kids During Winter

For children, winter is a magical time for outdoor activities! It’s so fun and full of holidays that no kid wants to miss out on this snowy season of the year. However, before you let your kid play outside, just make sure they’re dressed probably for the weather. In this guide, we will give you the best way to dress out your kids during winter and some trendy winter outfit ideas so you can dress your little one in both warmth and style.

The difference between a day of fun in the winter and a day of whining is all about clothing. That is why you should always find warm and cozy toddler girl clothes to make sure that your little girl is well-protected from the cold. When your kid’s wardrobe is packed with proper winter clothes, let’s start digging in on how to layer and dress your kid for winter.

How to Layer & Dress Your Kids for Winter

toddler girls in winter clothes

After purchasing new winter outfits for your daughter, layering is the next thing you should know. This not only helps to trap body heat effectively but also gives your girl more versatility in her activities regardless of the type of weather. Below are some tips and guides for how to layer and dress your kids in winter.

Choose The Right Base Layer

A comfortable base layer is great for most purposes. So, thin and relaxed clothes like long-sleeve shirts or basic tops & tees would be just fine. However, just make sure that they are made of kid-friendly materials. Therefore, natural fabrics like wool and cotton are our first choice since they are already known for being the best natural moisture-wicking and anti-odor properties. And, even though choosing a synthetic fabric for the base layer isn’t entirely bad thanks to a cheaper price and the ability to dry quickly, they are not skin-friendly.

Always Have a Middle Layer

The mid-layer not only helps to keep your kids warm but also adds insulation to help retain body heat more efficiently. You can choose anything from a simple pullover to a thin jacket as your child’s middle layer. On top of that, you should choose winter fabrics like fleece for a better layer of insulation.

Top It Off With An Outer Shell

To make sure your kid is ready for winter, having a decent jacket or coat as the outer shell is necessary. Their purpose is to protect your child from the cold, wind, rain, and even snow. So, your kid jackets and coats should be both windproof and waterproof. For instance, standard coats like a puffer are incredibly warm and work great in any type of weather. However, if you’re looking for both style and practical, then winter jackets like trench coats or bombers are totally worth considering. 

Don’t Forget the Hands, Heads, & Feet

Well, you will probably hear complaints about cold hands before anything else. That’s why you should always make sure your little one is wearing mittens when going out in winter. For your child’s winter boots, you should look for something waterproof, insulated, and easy to get on and off. Pair the boots with cozy wool socks to keep those little feet toasty. Just make sure your kid’s socks aren’t too short or uncomfortable and always pack an extra pair. 

Winter Outfits Ideas for Kids

Kids in different winter outfits

Dressing your kid in different outfit combinations is the best way to keep them warm and look fancy all the time. So, here are some outfit ideas that are not only cozy but also great to put together and easy to copy for your kid this winter. 

Overcoat + Matching Hoodie & Pants

Toddler matching hoodie and pants

This outfit should be versatile enough to be everyday wear while also being warm and super comfortable for winter. The overcoat gives this outfit a mysterious look so it’s a great idea to team it with a bright and cute hoodie, matching trousers, and a cozy pair of sneakers. Additionally, note that the longer the jacket, the more warmth it provides. So, just make sure you choose the right coat length for your kid.

Cozy Shacket + Loungewear

Shackets for kids

Who said loungewear can’t be worn outside? It is super comfy and with the right clothes, your kid’s loungewear can also be stylish. We recommend pairing with one key piece layered overtop like a shacket or light winter coat to elevate the look. And, to make this outfit look even better tossing on some cute accessories.

Patterned Dress + Neutral Layers + Winter Boots

Winter Patterned Dress for Kids

A neutral pattern is a great place to bring visual interest to a look. So, this winter let’s keep everything neutral but not boring at all with this cute outfit idea. Start by mixing and matching your daughter’s patterned dress with neutral layering pieces like a trench coat and legging to really grab the eye. Then, complete the outfit with a pair of cozy winter boots and your kid is ready for winter.

Roll Neck Jumper + Winter Coat + Jeans

Roll Neck Jumper for kids

You can make pretty much every winter outfit look instantly chic by adding a roll-neck jumper. Besides, they’re also the ideal extra layer when it’s freezing cold outside. Style your kid’s jumper under dresses or simply tucked into a skirt then pair the outfit with a pair of jeans to finish. You should opt for simple colors such as white, beige, or red for easier mixing and matching with other clothes.

Puffer Coat + Leggings

Kid's puffer coat for winter

Create a cozy warm, stylish outfit for casual days with your kid’s puffer coat and leggings. Just make sure they are color matching for a cuter look. And, you can pair this outfit with walk-all-day loafers or keep it sporty in sneakers.

Extra Tips for Winter Dressing

  • Winter layering is the way to go but not too many layers.
  • Remember the “You Plus One” rule.
  • Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off, especially with the outer layer.
  • Always pack extra clothes like gloves, socks, and jackets in case your child gets cold or wet.

That’s it! We hope our guide for how to dress your kids during winter will help you keep your little one in both warmth and style this season.

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