6 Essential Items For Your Baby’s Room

The joyful moment a little one will join the family is coming close. Everyone is excited, especially you, mom, and dad. With a newborn in hindsight, there are many challenges ahead. One of the most important ones is what do you need to take the best care of your baby. 

In our guide, we will ease some of the stress of preparing for the little bundle of joy. Our handy tips will help you know all the essential items your baby’s nursery must have to ensure the comfort of the newborn and you, the parents. 


This should be the first on the list. Your baby will need a place to sleep, and there are plenty of options. Some parents prefer co-sleeping. There are many bassinets in the market that ensure your baby’s safety when it comes to sleeping next to you. However, your newborn will grow out of their bassinet very fast, and many parents rather not have to buy a cot down the road. That is why the most popular option is to get a 2-in-1 cot, that can be turned into a bassinet for the short time your newborn will need to co-sleep with you. 


Mattresses are very important, especially those designed for babies. Newborns can turn in their sleep, and suffocate fast. This is the reason that not only your cot must have nothing but the mattress and sheets, but the mattress must be adequate for the cot of your choosing. Most stores will offer the perfect mattress for the bassinet or cot you buy. Mattresses need to be easy to clean, and preferably waterproof. This will save you a lot of time, in case there is an accidental diaper spill.

Changing Table/ Changing Mats

A changing table is a true delight, convenient and tidy. But, let’s be honest they are expensive and not really worth it for the time you will be using them. Unless you buy a changing table with drawers, it might not be the best investment. If you have the budget, go for it, they are great, if you don’t, there is no need to worry.

You can buy changing mats, and use any surface to change your little baby. Another idea is to refurbish an old dresser with drawers and use the top part as your designated changing table. You don’t need to spend more money and have the same comfort and functionality as a regular changing table.

Storage / Organizer

The addition of the new member of the family may need some adjustment periods. But, the one thing you will need is organizers or storage bins. You will have a plethora of new items, and clothes just for your baby. Keeping those at hand, clean and tidy is fundamental for staying sane, especially in the first hectic months. Keep one organizer by the changing area with wipes, diapers, rash creams, and other things you may need. Keep another in the bathroom, just for your newborn products.

Storage bins are going to be your best friends if you have not enough drawers in the house. You can store old clothes from your child or the items that don’t fit yet. You will be grateful after having all handy on organizers’ boxes or trolleys, this is truly an essential item to keep at your baby’s nursery.

Feeding Chair

When the time comes for your baby to join the whole family and eat at the table, you will need a high chair for him to reach the top. Feeding chairs are very handy, as they keep your baby safe, while they are feeding, and you can be hands-free to move around the kitchen. That high chair will stick around for a couple of years, so choose a design that matches the colors and patterns of your kitchen. The most ecological choice is wood. Wooden high-chairs will blend well with any kitchen design, and even make your space look nicer. This is an essential item for your baby that you won’t need right away, but when the time comes, you will be grateful to have it.


We left the best for last, the most important essential item for your baby: clothes. Your baby needs to be dressed, and the amount of clothes for babies in the market is astounding. One important thing to remember is that you don’t need to spend all of your savings on baby clothes. Newborns grow fast, their clothes are necessary, but the cheaper the better. 

Clothes must be chosen depending on the weather. Newborns cannot regulate their temperature, so you must ensure they are warm in the winter and fresh in the summer. At BabyOutlet, you will find a selection of the cheapest, yet cutest baby clothing you can find for all seasons, from summer cute oneSies, cozy cardigan to stylish rompers.

To sum up

There are some essential items for your baby’s nursery you need to have ready before the little one joins the family. The cot and mattress are of top priority. A place to change your baby, and boxes or trollies that aid you in keeping everything organized, clean, and within reach. For those family dinners, a high-chair will be the best way to have a nice meal at the table, while leaving mommy and daddy hands-free. Finally, the most important of all, baby’s clothes. Choose your baby’s clothes wisely, and cheaply. Play with colors, designs, and keep your baby cozy and warm with good clothing.

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